WordPress in the enterprise takes many forms. It can serve as the entire backbone or a key component of your digital content management infrastructure.

Paired with the performance and flexibility of our platform, the foresight of our expert guidance, and the strength of our agency partnerships and technical integrations, it’s an unbeatable combination.

Explore some of the most common enterprise use cases below.

A complete digital publishing solution

News Corp companies use WordPress in a number of ways
New York Post Logo

News Corp takes advantage of WordPress as a complete solution for some of their flagship publications, like The New York Post. The Post uses each component: the editorial interface, workflow, and section management experience, content storage, API, front-end rendering, and cloud hosting. Other News Corp brands integrate select components of WordPress into their IT infrastructure.

Product and corporate marketing platform of record

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at F8

How do you empower dozens of individual marketing teams and agencies to ship their own new sites and projects on their own schedule, with the confidence that all of those sites will be fast, secure, and aligned with best practices? Facebook relies on WordPress VIP to do just that. We unify development standards, publishing, and deployment, and review every line of code before it goes live. Now, all those teams and agencies focus on marketing. We do the rest.

Central content hub or decoupled CMS

The WordPress REST API provides the freedom to seamlessly and easily consume and interact with your content. Need a feed for your native mobile app or for a third party integration? Want to build your site as a JavaScript app? WordPress has you covered and also provides extensibility and configurability for the API to integrate with what you want, and how you want it to. The API can make WordPress the perfect bridge across these systems and experiences, or it can play a more focused role. Companies like, Quartz, and News Corp use WordPress to deliver content to and from components like eCommerce engines, JavaScript front-ends, syndication systems, and mobile applications.

Flexible and scalable eCommerce integrations

Bring your own eCommerce technologies or take advantage of a seamless and fully managed integration with WordPress VIP’s sister product WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. 

With hundreds of supported extensions, a flexible open sourced platform, and like WordPress, a big ecosystem of developers and users, it’s the perfect fit for sales and storefront applications at scale.

Editorial management and workflow powerhouse

The WordPress editorial experience is legendary for its simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility. It’s built for the people who use it every bit as much as the developers who work with it under the hood. Tools like Edit Flow reflect the input and best practices of top tier editorial teams and ordinary users. WordPress VIP clients tailor it to fuel collaboration and review cycles across departments and regions of the world.

The Customizer feature makes page and section management, and even custom layout control, simple and efficient for non-technical editors. WordPress VIP recently worked with one of the UK’s largest newspapers, The Sun, to develop and implement such a system. Editors from The Sun can directly build and publish custom layouts across editions, without involving development resources. Get a peek behind the scenes at The Sun.

“When I talked to the newsroom, this is something that really shone to them. They were like ‘everyone knows WordPress.’ They could get an intern off the street, sit them down and say ‘here.’ You wouldn’t need to train them. Everyone knows how to write a post on WordPress. For the other custom systems, they all needed hard core training.”

Ricardo Schultz, Head of Digital IT, Abril

Rapid development and deployment

WordPress VIP is the ideal platform for launching new initiatives quickly, or scaling one feature set out to networks of sites. By developing common themes and sets of functionality, product teams can put site development on rails. Read how USA Today’s Sports Media Group quickly shipped and tested one of their NFL Wire sites, and then rolled out 31 others shortly thereafter.

With the strength of infrastructure, the power of the WordPress ecosystem, and the quality of WordPress VIP’s technology partnerships, the features and use cases are nearly endless.

USA Today’s Sports Media Group quickly shipped and tested one of their NFL Wire sites, and then rolled out 31 others shortly thereafter.

…and many more

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