Headless Wordress

Headless WordPress

Build richer digital experiences across channels without sacrificing freedom and content creator efficiency. Rather than locking organizations into a single architectural choice, WordPress VIP provides a fully decoupled CMS capability to give technical teams complete flexibility.

Single Stack

Use WordPress’ extensive library of off-the-shelf themes or build your own to develop great experiences in no time.


Build your own front-end for custom digital experiences while leveraging WordPress as your content hub.


Combine the strength of both, for example using WordPress themes for the web and APIs to power your mobile apps.

“The choice of decoupled WordPress plus GraphQL and React will allow us to build something unique and amazing… Making the decision to move forward with decoupled WordPress, and with WordPress VIP, was really a very smart decision.”

David Hostetter, Digital Chief Technology Officer, Al Jazeera


Extend your digital experiences beyond your website and leverage the content you are already producing from mobile apps, smart speakers, digital displays, and more.

Centralized content hub

Eliminate content duplication, management headaches, and content syncing by centralizing all your content in WordPress VIP and deploying the content everywhere you need it. Create once and publish anywhere


Develop modular and reusable content blocks that can be deployed anywhere. WordPress VIP aligns your content creators and content consumers in a way that fosters agility.

Agile content creation

Create all the content you need to power your business. With Gutenberg, the world’s easiest content creation tool, content marketers can develop content in a fraction of the time.

Deep analytics

Understand your content performance everywhere it goes. With our content analytics, easily track and identify performing content with flexible attribution models.

Easy deployment

Shorten your time to deployment. Our out-of-the-box headless bundle gives you everything you need to get up and running.

Block Data API

Retrieve each block in your content as JSON data with minimal HTML markup, making it easy to power Node.js front-ends, mobile apps and other applications without the need for parsing layers.


Use common REST APIs to retrieve the data you need. Access public data and protected content, custom post types and metadata while enforcing content access control and security.


Improve application efficiency by making declarative queries for exactly the content your apps needs in a single request.

Any language or technology

Choose the technologies right for your digital experience. With WordPress VIP’s decoupled architecture, there are no limitations.

Any framework

Build your Javascript frontends with frameworks like Next.js, Gatsby and Frontity or build them from scratch. The choice is yours.

NextJS quick start

Bootstrap your front-end application with our skeleton code including tried and true solutions to common requirements like content preview, content querying, and more.

“We decided WordPress VIP was the best choice to handle our headless needs. It offers a superior user interface and helps our team publish content faster.”

Cindy Johanson, Executive Director, Edutopia

Node.js hosting

Host your Node.js applications on the same enterprise platform as your core CMS. Ensure all your applications perform reliably. Reduce debugging by leveraging our market-leading platform.


Deploy Redis alongside your application within a private network. Ensure all services maintain security without the complexity of a third-party VPN.

Easy management

Minimize configuration overhead and Day-2 management. WordPress VIP makes it easy to deploy everything you need to get up and running, enabling easy management of all components from a single dashboard.

Performance optimization

Utilize WordPress VIP’s page caching, built-in CDN, and containerized environment to ensure your headless applications operate at optimal performance even during high-usage periods.

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