Effective, Hassle-Free WordPress Development

WordPress VIP makes developing a site or other digital experience on WordPress a snap, providing everything you need to start building on day one. Skip the hassle of deploying servers or infrastructure! With WordPress VIP, get the best infrastructure, the easiest developer tooling, flexibility to use the technologies and architecture you prefer, and a level of developer support unmatched in the industry.

Integrated version control

Every WordPress VIP application comes with a fully integrated GitHub code repository. Application code is hosted there and deployed to each environment when code is pushed to specified branches. WordPress VIP can also integrate with GitLab and Bitbucket.

CI and CD

WordPress VIP supports continuous integration / continuous deployment practices. It integrates with popular tools like CircleCI with the included GitHub repo. Easily run automated unit tests, integration tests, and inspection of code quality.

Testing environments

Manage PROD, PREPROD, DEV, or UAT environments. Use Git branches to easily target deployments to specific environments within WordPress VIP. Easily replicate production data and media between production and non-production environments for debugging and testing.

Easy deployment and rollback

With WordPress VIP it is easy to deploy code into production in seconds. If a problem is detected, it’s just as easy to quickly rollback to a previous version.

Powerful Command Line Interface (CLI)

WordPress VIP makes it easy to manage your environment through a simple but powerful CLI. Developers can easily update the site, copy down production content to a local developer site, or even set system variables.

Local development environment

WordPress VIP provides a local development environment, ideal for creating your own sandbox for development and testing. WordPress VIP makes it easy to pull down production content for testing with the latest updates whenever you need.

Audit logs

All management actions are logged both for an organization and a specific application. If problems arise it’s easy to determine possible root causes and resolve them quickly.

Controlled deployment via GitHub

WordPress VIP puts you in control of code rollouts. Unauthorized end users are restricted from deploying plugins and/or themes directly from wp-admin. All submissions also go through a code analysis final check before going live.

Data pulls

WordPress VIP makes it easy to pull down data from your production environment to your staging or local development environment for testing.

“An entirely new design, a much easier site to navigate, a much better reading experience with performance that was mindbogglingly fantastic.”

Remy Stern, Chief Digital Officer, New York Post

WordPress theme development

WordPress VIP is ideally suited for building, testing, deploying, and hosting sites that utilize WordPress Themes to power their front end.

Headless architectures

WordPress VIP makes it easy to connect your favorite React framework to your WordPress backend with GraphQL. We provide a boilerplate for Next.js and can host Node applications directly on the platform.


WordPress VIP is fully customizable. Manage and deploy your choice of WordPress plugins alongside your code to save development time, augment your custom code, or integrate third-party systems. As part of deployment, automatically scan plugins for performance and security, ensuring no negative impact on your environment. 

Open APIs

WordPress VIP exposes much of the functionality of the platform via REST and GraphQL APIs. WordPress VIP delivers these APIs at scale. For example, Accuweather makes 70 million API calls to the platform each day.

Enhanced APIs

WordPress VIP delivers additional APIs tailored to enterprise use cases. For example, WordPress VIP offers caching and geolocation APIs.

WordPress VIP provides integrated enterprise search capabilities that fit right into your site. Built on Elasticsearch, these search capabilities make it easy to debug and improve the search experience.

“The choice of decoupled WordPress plus GraphQL and React will allow us to build something unique and amazing.”

David “Hos” Hostetter, Digital Chief Technology Officer, Al Jazeera

360-degree dashboard

With WordPress VIP’s integrated dashboard, monitor your site health and track GitHub activity.

Integrated APM

WordPress VIP’s integrated application performance management (APM) provides metrics and error analysis to aid debugging.

Migration made easy

If you are moving from another environment, WordPress VIP makes it easy to get started. Simply import content data as SQL and all your media files via a CLI command. In moments, your environment can be up and running.

Multisite support

WordPress VIP makes spinning up a new site CMS simple. Easily manage multiple WordPress sites in a multisite configuration, and use each to power a separate single-stack or headless implementation.

“Whether their organizations chose to maintain internal development groups or to outsource that function, interviewees reported that launching new sites or developing custom capabilities for their organizations’ WordPress VIP-hosted sites was less expensive than other solutions.”

The Total Economic ImpactTM Of WordPress VIP

Everything you Need

WordPress VIP provides all the infrastructure you need: servers, CDNs, version control, monitoring, and platform so you can focus on coding. 

Built for speed

WordPress VIP has been optimized to perform faster than anyone else in independent tests. That’s why it is trusted by the world’s biggest sites.

Highly secure

We take security seriously and have the certifications to prove it. With WordPress VIP’s multi-pronged approach to protection, you can be sure you’re building on a secure foundation.

Always up to date

WordPress VIP takes the hassle out of managing updates to core pieces of your infrastructure so you’re as able to focus on your unique code on day 30 as on day 1.

Automated backups

WordPress VIP maintains hourly backups of key components. Restore backups to any environment or automatically export them as SQL to Amazon S3. 

“Using WordPress VIP means I don’t have to bring in an operations team. My developers don’t have to worry, ‘Is the site up or down?’ but can focus on creating. Frankly, I’d rather have my team focused on being creative and innovative than spending time worrying about architecture.”

Ryan Pugatch, VP of Strategic Technology, Hachette Book Group


From getting started to technical manuals, our documentation site provides deep technical guidance on the platform, its capabilities, and best practices and guides related to common use cases.

Developer support

WordPress VIP can offer assistance to identify and debug issues in your custom code. Need a review of your changes? Talk with a senior WordPress engineer for recommendations.

Premier support

To truly de-risk your application, WordPress VIP can provide a team of technical experts to help work through planning, training, enablement, architecture, security and compliance, and more.

Agency partners

Don’t have time to do it all yourself? We can help. WordPress VIP’s featured partners have extensive experience with our platform and building custom solutions for organizations.

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