Managed WordPress at unmatched scale

WordPress VIP is engineered to have everything you need to run your site at scale. Lower the cost and internal toil of managing your sites by leveraging our experience of running the largest, most demanding WordPress sites. 

Our suite of capabilities—including a scalable cloud-native platform, powerful developer tooling, and multiple levels of security controls and protection—reduces your risk of business disruption.

IT engineer standing in server room

Ensure security

As the most secure WordPress platform on the market, we minimize the risk of security incidents so you can sleep soundly at night.  Our enterprise-grade protection includes plugin scanning, DDoS mitigation, penetration testing, private networks, audit logs, and more.

Skip the headaches

Our fully managed platform takes the hassle out of running WordPress. It’s built with an integrated CDN, asset optimization, and enterprise search to handle even the most demanding of environments.

Reduce the risk of business disruptions

No one has more experience with WordPress than we do.  Our CEO is the co-founder of the WordPress project, and our team includes numerous core contributors. Our experts help navigate your digital project’s complexity, to protect your bottom line.

“We just don’t really have to think that hard about it, we just have to worry about interfacing with it. It’s been performant, no complaints at all.”

Steve Tidwell, Director of Technology, VentureBeat

Preparing for traffic spikes and growth

Don’t overprovision resources or pay for capacity you won’t use all the time. WordPress VIP auto-scales resources when you need it, meaning your site stays performant on your biggest days and every day. It’s battle tested in the most demanding customers and works across 28 global data centers to ensure performance across the globe. Less risk and no waste means you can say goodbye to constant outages and degraded performance.

Keeping up with security updates

There are a lot of updates and patches across WordPress core, PHP, and plugins. One missed update can mean a security incident or data breach. We help you stay on top of updates and even add extra layers of security on top—including edge protection, robust access controls, continuous security monitoring, code scanning, and a read-only filesystem.

Support and troubleshooting

Technical trouble tends to emerge at the worst possible time. Our globally distributed, 24×7 support service can help monitor performance and assist with fixing issues. When code issues come up, developers are often on their own, creating unproductive bottlenecks. When you get stuck with a vexing challenge, our WordPress experts are on hand for high-quality support. This yields better code, delivered faster.

Distractions from business priority

Website maintenance can suck up resources that could be used in other places throughout your business. By taking the work of platform maintenance, performance management, and security management off your plate, we free your engineers to focus on building unique, customer-impacting experiences for your business.

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