Brand and logo guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to deliver on-brand designs and keep the integrity of our brand.

What is WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP combines the ease and flexibility of WordPress—the CMS that runs 43% of the web—alongside unparalleled scalability and security for enterprises. Trusted by iconic media, major brands, and government agencies, our solutions enable scaling web presence, increasing content production efficiency, and optimizing content performance for maximum ROI.

Our logo

Our logo is a key pillar of our visual identity—a succinct and powerful symbol that represents our brand across various mediums and touchpoints. The primary WordPress VIP logo is the lock up of the WordPress symbol with our proprietary “VIP.” This is our default logo and should be used in the vast majority of cases.

Full Color Logos

Single Color Logos

Primary Color Palette

Our primary color palette is an important part of our visual system, designed to instantly associate any piece of collateral with our brand. The following color information should be used whenever possible.

BlackRGB: 19 25 30
HEX: #13191E
Pantone Black 6 CP

RGB: 255 255 255

WordPress VIP Gold
RGB: 216 164 95
HEX: #D8A45F
Pantone 4026 CP

Content Analytics Green
RGB: 105 163 21
HEX: #69A315
Pantone 7738 CP

Content Management Blue
RGB: 76 116 238
HEX: #4C74EE


WordPress VIP’s brand is bold, authoritative, and clear. Our primary brand typeface is Aktiv Grotesk.


Need to use the WordPress VIP logo or create branded graphics using our visual system? Make sure to get a thumbs-up from our WordPress VIP brand squad first. Email us at to get in touch.

WordPress VIP is an Automattic company. Are you looking for another Automattic product logo or images? See all of the Automattic brand materials.

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