The Content Helper

Not everyone remembers to check the data. That’s why the Content Helper brings it directly to you. With performance insights inside the WordPress editor, your team can’t help but be exposed to actionable information.

The Content Helper empowers everyone to improve content distribution tactics, and easily link to compelling similar content. Together, these help you build a bigger, more engaged audience and keep them clicking through more of your content. 

Insights, right in your editor

After you publish, it’s important to understand how a piece of content performed, and if your distribution tactics were successful. The Content Helper shows you whether the content was effective at generating traffic, where the traffic came from, and if it kept the audience engaged. All this information is at your fingertips right inside the WordPress Block Editor, keeping insights front of mind.

Your top content at a glance

Content resources are limited—it’s important to understand at a glance what is performing best today and to invest more in those areas. The Content Helper provides a bird’s-eye view of top content in the WordPress dashboard, so you can identify what’s working before you create or modify content.

Top related posts, ready for linking

Boost engagement and recirculation by linking within your content to other posts. The Content Helper proactively identifies other top performing posts related to the one you’re working on—based on tag, category, or author. Find the links to add to your post quickly and easily, right from the editor. 

All built into your CMS

Even the greatest insights aren’t great if they aren’t accessible to the people who need them. The Content Helper is fully integrated into WordPress VIP, the leading enterprise CMS. Content creators can view insights there or click into the full Content Analytics Dashboard to further discover and investigate content trends. 

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