A look inside OKdo’s enterprise ecommerce technology stack

Ecommerce is one of the most promising growth channels in today’s enterprise market. In fact, the US Department of Commerce announced in August that ecommerce retail sales were estimated to grow 31.8% compared to the previous quarter.

Box UK is a WordPress VIP agency partner and ecommerce expert. At a recent BigWP event, Box UK’s Lead Business Analyst Allie Brock shared how her team helped OKdo launch an enterprise ecommerce platform in less than 8 months. A division of Electronic Components (FTSE 250), OKdo now manufactures and sells single board computing and IOT technology in seven countries and six languages (read this case study to learn more).

In her talk, Allie covered the questions enterprises need to consider when choosing ecommerce technology solutions. They may seem basic at first glance, but each of these considerations plays a major role in determining the best technology stack for any given use case. Those questions include:

What am I selling?

Whether it’s textiles or electronic components, pay special attention to local trade regulations. These vary country to country and any trade rule violations can lead to a hefty fine. OKdo uses WooCommerce integrated with an ERP to ensure each order can be legally fulfilled.

How will people find my products?

The most important factor in driving people to your products is a strong content and SEO strategy. The most beautiful site in the world won’t convert any sales if customers can’t find it first. OKdo relies on a combination of Yoast and Multilingual Press to optimize technical SEO in multiple countries and languages.

“Customers are more likely to convert if products are shown in their language, with their preferred currency and payment methods.”

Allie Brock, Lead Business Analyst at Box UK

How will people pay?

Look into the most common payment methods in each region you’re selling in, and make sure your payments processor supports that method. For example, Box UK found people in the Netherlands favor a platform called Ideal; in Japan, meanwhile, payment is expected upon delivery. OKdo found Stripe and PayPal to be the most popular in its leading regions, and WooCommerce integrated seamlessly with both.

For more insights on the technology stack Box UK built for OKdo, watch Allie’s full 15-minute talk from BigWP.

BigWP is an enterprise WordPress event series that brings together business leaders, developers, and product people to share best practices for high-scale WordPress applications. Find more talks like Allie’s here.

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