WordPress VIP Top Five Technical FAQs

Got questions about WordPress VIP? You’re in the right place. Here we’ve compiled the five most frequently asked questions about technical aspects of our platform. Find out what you can integrate, what you can measure, and what you can build with WordPress VIP.

And if this post doesn’t answer all of your questions, the rest of our technical FAQs may.

1. What technology stack does WordPress VIP run? 

People also ask: Is the WordPress VIP tech stack compatible with my current setup? 

Short answer: Most likely.

The WordPress VIP technology stack is composed of commonly used technologies that are compatible with most setups. The baseline stack for WordPress includes PHP, MySQL, and either Nginx or Apache, which are essential components. 

WordPress VIP also supports advanced technologies like Memcached, Kubernetes, Docker, and Elasticsearch, which enhance performance and scalability. And the availability of JavaScript support is a time- and resource-saver as JavaScript developers are relatively easier to find than PHP developers. 

If you’re coming to VIP from your own in-house CMS, you might be accustomed to keeping tabs on the entire tech stack. With WordPress VIP, you can rely on our expert Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to handle the technical toil. This partnership streamlines the development process, ensuring a smooth transition to the WordPress VIP stack.

2. What elements does the WordPress VIP team manage and patch?

People also ask: How much technical toil does WordPress VIP take off my plate? 

Short answer: Just about all of it.

Once projects are transitioned to the WordPress VIP platform, our team takes care of all the crucial aspects. You’ll be able to focus on developing your application while we focus on everything that runs it—security, upkeep, upgrades, etc. 

We handle the upkeep and upgrades of essential components like PHP, MySQL, Nginx or Apache, Memcached, Kubernetes, Docker, Node.js, Redis, and Elasticsearch. We ensure the plugins you’re using are compatible with our platform and advise on any necessary code modifications. And we run dev ops for you, so you don’t have to worry about every single patch update or news about the latest vulnerability.

With WordPress VIP, you only worry about your application.

One significant advantage for developers working with VIP is that our team manages and patches WordPress Core itself. This includes rolling out updates and security patches promptly, often before they are available to the general public. 

Additionally, our team provides staging opportunities for testing the latest updates before they are deployed. This helps ensure compatibility and addresses any potential issues proactively.

By trusting the VIP team to manage and patch the platform running your application, you cut personnel and technical debt costs. That leaves you to concentrate on developing your application and hitting business goals, while enjoying the peace of mind that your site is secure, up-to-date, and performant. 

3. How can I monitor my site’s performance with WordPress VIP?

People also ask: What tools does WordPress VIP provide to monitor site performance? 

Short answer: The VIP dashboard.

Regularly checking for issues or bottlenecks that may impact speed and functionality is crucial to maintaining a fast and reliable web application. That’s why WordPress VIP provides a one-stop-shop dashboard for monitoring your site’s performance and troubleshooting issues.

The dashboard contains real-time performance data from New Relic and visualizations of logs. Here you’ll get live insights into application errors and vital performance metrics like origin response time, cache ratios, resource usage, and more. Set your own alerting thresholds and compare your site’s performance to the standard application performance we see across the VIP network of sites.

Besides tools to monitor site performance, we also provide dedicated support and guidance.

WordPress VIP TAMs regularly monitor your site performance and proactively offer consultative support to address any issues. If you have specific issues or goals—speeding up page load time, fixing PHP errors, etc.—we’ll work through them with you. 

With WordPress VIP’s robust site performance portal and dedicated support from TAMs, our clients can proactively identify and address performance issues, resulting in faster and more reliable web applications.

4. How can I monitor my content performance with WordPress VIP?

People also ask: Where can my team get data-driven insights while they’re creating?

Short answer: In the WordPress editor itself.

It’s one thing to look at content analytics data in a dashboard before crafting a story. But it’s another to have that data living directly in the sidebar of your WordPress editor, while you’re crafting that content.

The Content Helper does just that. It integrates performance insights into the WordPress editor so your team can’t help but be exposed to actionable information.

The Content Helper empowers everyone on your team to improve content distribution tactics, write more compelling headlines, and more easily link to compelling similar content. This helps you build a bigger, more engaged audience and keep them clicking through your content. 

5. Can I use WordPress to build ___?

People also ask: Can WordPress run at scale? Can WordPress run an ecommerce site? Can WordPress run my intranet?

Short answer: Yes. 

Though WordPress is known for its ability to handle content creation and management efficiently, businesses use our CMS to do so much more than just host blogs. Anything you can represent digitally, WordPress VIP can host it and populate it to almost any system—proprietary or open source—while meeting the demands of large-scale, high-traffic, high-complexity websites.

Whether you’re looking to build your own (headless) front-end or leverage WordPress in a single-stack or hybrid architecture, WordPress VIP offers an open framework to deliver content wherever it’s needed. This flexibility allows you to create custom front-end experiences while still leveraging the robust content management capabilities of WordPress.

WordPress VIP is a testament to the scalability and reliability of WordPress. Our enterprise-grade platform powers web applications for major media publishers, ecommerce storefronts, federal agencies, complex enterprises, and even Samsung TVs in various hotels. 

There’s really no limitation—that’s the beauty of WordPress.


Alan Smodic

Technical Account Manager, WordPress VIP

Anthony Nicosia

Technical Account Manager, WordPress VIP

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