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WordPress VIP Premier

De-risk your digital experience by partnering with WordPress VIP. Working hand-in-hand with our experts, we’ll jointly develop a plan and roadmap tailored to your specific, unique business objectives—with specific engagement points, milestones and services just for you. It’s much more than just technical support—it’s business collaboration.

“…We’ve managed to pull this off spectacularly only because of WordPress VIP. If anything, it would be an understatement to say we’ve had great and amazing service.”

Justin Yeo, Digital Creative Lead APAC, Facebook

No two high-profile digital properties are the same. And their partnership with their CMS provider shouldn’t be either. Up front we’ll develop the right plan for you, then continue to partner with you as you build out your site, capabilities, and business processes so that we support your goals.

A diagram showing our Premier approach. Kick off a discussion to define business objectives, development of mutual success plan and milestones, jointly agreed framework for business success, checkpoints and post-mortem, ongoing engagement per plan, structured kickoff.
WordPress training

No one has deeper experience at running WordPress at scale than our team. As we share best practices and recommendations, we’ll help you foster a center of excellence for enterprise-wide WordPress usage.

Common engagement points may include:

Strategy and business cases

Gain the guidance you need, including application and business strategy, industry trends, and product roadmap. Quantify and justify your future plans, getting help in building the rationale for your next budgetary cycle.

Architectural consulting

Get help from experts who specialize in enterprise WordPress architectural issues, both up-front and on an ongoing basis. Ensure you have the right foundation for your sites and business.

Preparation for migration and launch

Partner with us through key milestones including migration of existing sites and launch of new ones. We can provide white-glove service when you need it most.

Security and compliance support

Improve your security with guidance from the most experienced WordPress security team on the planet. Maintain compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Tailored training

Introduce editorial, development, and operations teams, as well as project managers to new WordPress functionality.

Planning for key events or milestones

Expecting a sudden surge of traffic around a key campaign or event? Rolling out a new property? We’ll help you prepare and be with you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Performance improvement

Identify areas for improvement and execute a plan with our guidance. Leverage our tools and engineering experience to meet specific performance goals via planning and goal identification, diagnostics, and a specific technical action plan focused on the most impactful changes.

Executive business reviews and onsite service

At key milestones, together we’ll walk through results to date and plot a course for future improvement with your executives.

And more….

Need extra support and guidance to achieve business outcomes? Look to WordPress VIP Premier Support. We’ll work to scope and tailor the specific services and touchpoints that work best for your project.

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