Content Matters 2024 Report

How content professionals and media teams are driving growth, measuring what works, and thinking about the future.

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For our latest Content Matters report, we surveyed 1,000+ content and media professionals. 

We wanted to find out how they’re using content, analytics, and AI to drive business, retain customers, and prepare for the death of the third-party cookie.

Key takeaways


Demand for high-quality

Demand for high-quality content is high, but budgets are tight.

Only 45% expect their content spend to ‌increase this year—a 13% drop from our 2023 survey.


Good content is data-driven.

Good content is data-driven.

Eight in 10 use content analytics to decide what to create, yet three in four aren’t entirely clear how that content performs.


AI and Content

AI still can’t do what content and media pros do.

For now, orgs prefer human input and content analytics when it comes to deciding content strategy.


AI isn't breaking the bank

AI isn’t breaking the bank.

Despite widespread integration, more than a third aren’t spending anything on AI, and only a fifth want to invest $10,000+ annually.


Google is retiring the third-party cookie in 2024.

Marketing professionals and content creators are approaching a sink-or-swim moment where they can either take back control of user analytics or wait and see what will happen.

Learn more from this exclusive intel—including hot takes for B2B leaders in our post-social, post-cookie world.

Like using social not to build audience relationships but to direct traffic to your site, where you can control, build, and track them.

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