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Chances are high you’re on this page because you want to know:

“Which WordPress plugins are WordPress VIP approved?”

We get it. So let us explain why this list is no longer here. 

The short version? The new VIP Cloud platform empowers customers to install and run any plugins they choose, with automated scanning that allows them to assess a given plugin’s security and performance.

The long version: Over the past decade, WordPress VIP has earned a reputation as the place for secure and performant WordPress for large organizations, thanks in part to our stringent code standards and line-by-line code review of WordPress ecosystem plugins.

These days, we no longer require that all code is reviewed line-by-line and approved. Instead, we empower our customers to use our automated scanning tools to assess their custom code, and ask our Application Support team for advice as needed.

The VIP Cloud gives our customers:

  • Freedom to install plugins of their choosing via git and GitHub, without the need for line-by-line review.
  • Control over their own automated code scans against pull requests in the GitHub repo, providing real-time feedback on security and performance issues in the code, before committing any plugin to production.
  • Fewer possible attack vectors, by removing the ability to modify or create a file and have it served or executed.
  • Flexibility to use integrations from our Technology Partners, selected from some of the most forward-thinking companies in enterprise software today.

Of course, we’re still available to help our customers navigate plugin selection as part of a consultative support process. We take into account each specific use case and, yes, apply our depth of experience reviewing plugins for security and performance.

If you have any specific questions about the best plugins for your needs, we’re always happy to talk about enterprise WordPress. Fill out the form below to get in touch.

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