Remixd Voice

Make your written content listenable for instant accessibility, longer engagement, and revenue creation

Remixd is the leader in spoken-word technology for media companies, quality publishers, and content creators. We’ve engineered the most complete plugin and toolset to make the written-word instantly compatible for visitors who want to listen, as well as discoverable, measurable, monetized, and ready to distribute across the audio and voice ecosystem.

The free Remixd WordPress Plugin makes it easy to add a voice to your content directly within the WordPress platform and stay ahead of the curve as consumers expect seamless access to content wherever they go, and in the form factor that’s most convenient to them.

Features of the Remixd WordPress Plugin include:

  • Simple activation instantly gives your site content a voice
  • Publish new content with audio, and audio-fy your archive 
  • Automated playlists delight visitors with infinite listening
  • Make money from high-quality audio advertisers