We provide audience-driven strategies, exceptional creative, and full-service partnership to help clients solve policy and public affairs challenges.

NJI Creative Solutions

We’re a full-service, global creative agency helping clients solve policy and public affairs challenges. We leverage the best technology to produce secure, dynamic, and intuitive websites with emphasis on performance and load-time optimization. We’ve designed, crafted, and built more than 300 websites on WordPress.

At NJI, we create award-winning websites through careful, data-driven research. We develop user experiences with component-based design, which provides greater flexibility for creating new pages after the website’s launch, ensuring non-technical users can easily update site templates. From a single code file to a server ecosystem, our technical team abides by rigorous specifications to enhance efficiencies, safeguard against software security vulnerabilities, and exceed industry best practices. 

NJI’s technical capabilities include:

  • Accessibility (WCAG standards) and GDPR compliance
  • Advanced integrations and plugins 
  • Language and geographic customization
  • Online and interactive game development
  • Quality assurance and ongoing maintenance 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and on-page targeting
  • Security audits and mitigation tactics
  • Training and documentation
  • VR, AR, and motion graphics