Our Approach

End-to-end consulting means our work starts with your initial project consideration and planning and tracks with you through launch and beyond. We offer expert guidance and hands-on partnership every step of the way, freeing you up to focus on oversight and the project’s payload.

The timeline below provides a step-by-step view of how our services intersect with your project’s journey.

1. Evaluation


“Is VIP a fit for our project?”

You may be considering other platforms entirely, or just other WordPress partners.

What we do:

  • We’ll help evaluate your internal and third party design, development, and fulfillment resources and systems.
  • We’ll audit your existing platforms and codebases in terms of your goals.
  • We will make initial recommendations as to the best tools and models for your use cases.

Our services:

  • Project planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Theme and plugins review (if applicable)
  • Initial partner recommendations

2. Planning & Development


“How is this buildout going to happen? What needs to happen when, by whom, with whom?”

You’ve selected us as your partner, and now we’re working together on the first steps of the project.

What we do:

  • Project kickoff! We convene all involved parties and resources and finalize the plan of attack.
  • We can train your developers, editors, and administrators, in WordPress and in the best ways to collaborate with us.
  • We’ll guide your development resources throughout their design and build phase as needed.
  • We’ll analyze existing UI, functionality, and content to plan migration.

Our services:

  • Launch planning and workback
  • Full team training
  • Security and performance audits
  • Technology partnerships
  • Architectural consulting
  • Migration

3. Implementation & Launch

Implementation and Launch

“All systems go.”

Together we’ve worked through a detailed plan. We’re ready to cut over at a date and time that works for your team.

What we do:

  • We ship this fantastic project.

Our services:

  • Final checks and launch
  • High traffic reviews
  • Spot optimizations as needed
  • Post-launch evaluation
  • Account-level check-ins

4. Growth


“We’re expecting a billion visitors to our site on this day.”

Your focus is on your business goals. Ours is on helping you reach them, along with security, scale, maintenance, and support.

What we do:

  • We’ll make sure your site enjoys top-notch performance and security, every day. We’ll handle updates and backups.
  • Our expert support staff is available for you and your development team.
  • As unique needs pop up, we’ll make recommendations to meet them and provide support where needed.
  • We’ll automatically scan all new code prior to deployment, in lockstep with your developers.
  • We will help you sort out your backlog, anticipate new needs, and help you plan your future release cycle.

Our services:

  • Roadmap planning
  • Code scanning for new releases
  • Ongoing support
  • Automatic updates and 24/7 backup
  • Platform management
  • New features, projects, and integrations
  • Annual program reviews

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