CMS: Separating What’s Real From the Hype

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What are people really using their CMS for today?  What should they be planning for in the future?  And what hype should they ignore? As you plan for the new year, what considerations should you consider with regard to your CMS?  

Join WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert and guest speaker Chuck Gahun, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to discuss key considerations for a CMS.

Topics include:

  • Based on customer interviews and the Q3 2023 Forrester Wave for CMS, what are the most widely used CMS capabilities and which have fallen short of their promise?
  • Where capabilities have fallen short of hype, is the process technology, business process or the premise of the capability in the first place?
  • What future trends should marketers and IT professionals plan for in the years to come?  How will AI impact the CMS and other digital experience technologies?
  • What are the best places for organizations to focus their investments going forward?


Nick Gernert

CEO, WordPress VIP

Chuck Gahun

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research