2024 Content Trends: AI and Retention to Budgets and the 3rd-Party Cookie

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2023 was a roller-coaster year for content marketers and media professionals alike.

AI adoption surged, but not budgets for AI-powered tools. The coming third-party cookie phase-out forced orgs into an audience-tracking scramble. And most still scratched their heads over how their content truly performs. 

Watch an exclusive on-demand webinar with our guest Robert Rose from The Content Advisory. In the webinar, we unpacked takeaways, trends, and hot takes from our new Content Matters 2024 Report, based on a survey of 1,000+ content and media professionals. 

You’ll also learn why:

  • AI still can’t do what content and media pros do. Human input and content analytics still seem the way to decide content strategy.
  • To foster audience engagement and loyalty, orgs should pivot from third-party channels to relying more heavily on their owned distribution channels, CMS, and analytics—given the looming cookie changes.
  • Good content is data-driven. It’s simply not enough to use content analytics to decide what content to create without understanding how that content performs.