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In today’s digital marketplace, great content that is timely and topical now separates the winners from the losers. A recent IDC report noted “Content is the core to reimagining what it means to exist within the digital economy.” 

WordPress VIP helps teams put content at the core of their marketing practices, providing a complete platform to make content marketing more effective.

A recent study found organizations who use WordPress VIP can realize a 415% return on their investment.

“In general, we get people up to speed in about an hour or two, which is amazing. That is the beauty of WordPress.”

David “Hos” Hostetter, Digital CTO, Al Jazeera Media Network

“We recently relaunched our blog on WordPress VIP, and also our email newsletter. With both, we’re seeing time spent get deeper and deeper.”

Hayley Nelson, VP Content Marketing, Salesforce

“Without content and a very intimate understanding of our customers, I’m not sure we’d be able to curate this experience that fosters habitual actions, which are our lifeline as a subscription service.”

Jacqueline Parisi, Copywriter, HelloFresh

“Data-phobia is a real problem for a lot of teams—most analytics platforms are not made for writers. is the tool that makes it fun, simple, easy, and not scary to get data. You want to start using it on a daily basis.”

David Grossman, CMO, Backstage
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