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Our Content Helper helps organizations use their content data and their performance analytics to get bespoke, performance-driven suggestions from large language models—and does it all from the WordPress editor where you already work. This accelerates content production, improves audience engagement and SEO, and increases data fluency. 

This is the fastest and smartest version of WordPress, built for the enterprise. The Content Helper is opt-in, and you can request access here.

Accelerate content production

Generate titles and excerpts that are more likely to bring search results. Automate and accelerate monotonous tasks—the ‘busy work’ required for discoverability and value. Focus on what’s most critical—writing what people actually want to read. 

Excerpt writing
Accelerate the boring task of writing excerpts. 

Title suggestions
Get assistance crafting compelling titles based on past content performance.

Improve content performance

Surface top performing related content to increase recirculation. Keep readers on your site and engaged, without having to dig into any data.

Smart Linking
Insert links to your most relevant, top performing content with the click of a button. 

Content Recommendations
Automatically surface top recommended content to your posts and pages.

Increase data fluency

Access crucial content performance data, directly inside the WordPress editor. Become data-driven, without a new dashboard.

Top related posts
As you write, see which posts performed best for the exact topic.

Performance Details Sidebar
Get insights about channel and post performance directly in the editing interface.

Top Posts Widget
Expose at-a-glance performance data in the WordPress admin.

Why is this better than just a ChatGPT subscription?

The Content Helper is an integrated user experience that leverages your content library and performance data. Learn more in this blog that walks through our Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) workflows, or read through our documentation.

BenefitChatGPT SubscriptionContent Helper
Usability of the tool
✗ Is another tool that your team has to remember to use
✓ Is in the editing interface where you already work
Specific to your business
Doesn’t leverage the context of your historical content, hallucinates
Enhances prompt engineering with context for help with accuracy, style, tone, content
Performance-based suggestions
Doesn’t leverage the performance of your historical content
Delivers text and other suggestions based on the performance of your historical content

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