Modernize your government website with CivicPress and WordPress VIP

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What is CivicPress?

CivicPress helps streamline web modernization projects, ensuring government agencies can deliver an outstanding digital experience to the public.

Government agencies are increasingly focusing on modernizing their websites to comply with federal guidelines like the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) and OMB’s M-23-22. These guidelines emphasize enhanced privacy, accessibility, and interactivity for government websites.

To support these modernization efforts, we’ve partnered with Lone Rock Point to bring you CivicPress—an advanced WordPress theme tailored specifically for government needs.

Key features and benefits of CivicPress and WordPress VIP


Automatic integration with USWDS

Ensures consistency and accessibility across all government websites.


Optimized for accessibility

Meets the highest standards, making websites accessible to all users.


Enterprise-grade security

Powered by WordPress VIP, the only WordPress platform with FedRAMP authorization.


No-code customizations

Simplifies website management with an intuitive WordPress Editor.

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Transform your government website with CivicPress—developed by Lone Rock Point, powered by WordPress VIP.