Scale effortlessly for your biggest day and every day.

The biggest websites run on WordPress VIP. Salesforce does. Meta does. CNN does. A primary way we help enterprise customers like these keep up with massive waves of website visitors is with auto scaling.

Auto scaling adds capacity to sites so that our high performing infrastructure maintains load times automatically during surges in website traffic. When you experience traffic spikes, WordPress VIP rapidly scales capacity to avoid performance degradation.

With WordPress VIP, there are no additional costs to scale up automatically. Our team has configured scaling rules to help keep sites up and performant, adapting to the moment—globally. 

WordPress VIP uses both horizontal and vertical scaling methods for auto scaling.

Scaling granted FiveThirtyEight zero downtime during a US presidential election.

Vertical scaling

One way WordPress VIP scales is by increasing RAM and memory available to application containers.

Horizontal Scaling

Another way VIP auto scales is via horizontal scaling, when more containers are added to meet increased demand, e.g., from a traffic spike. 

For the biggest sites, horizontal and vertical scaling are deployed in tandem to keep customer applications thriving, even under massive demand.

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