Collaboration to Support, Discover Why Our Customers Love WordPress VIP

There are many reasons WordPress VIP customers love working with our enterprise-grade CMS platform

Top of the list is a collaborative strategic approach, platform reliability, a user-friendly interface, and responsive support. These benefits not only streamline content creation, but also ensure our customers’ applications effortlessly scale to meet audience demands. 

Let’s dive deeper into why our customers love partnering with WordPress VIP.

Strategic partnership and planning 

When customers partner with WordPress VIP, they work with a team who genuinely care about their success. Our customers appreciate the collaborative nature of this partnership, highlighted by strategic planning sessions that enable them to brainstorm and implement important initiatives.

“They really feel like they’re invested in what we’re doing, and that’s something that I haven’t felt at any other vendor that we’ve worked with.”

—Gabriel Koen, VP of Technology, Penske Media Corporation

Platform reliability and performance

WordPress VIP customers have confidence in our platform’s reliability, knowing their website won’t crash during high-traffic moments. Trusting their site to capable hands allows businesses to focus on what they do best—without the stress of technical glitches or downtime. Even during the busiest times, WordPress VIP means a seamless digital experience.

“It’s good to know that we have a partner and a team that’s standing by and ready to help us if anything goes awry.”

—Monica Mina, Senior Product Manager, News Corp

User-friendly interface

Our customers reap the benefits of the intuitive, easy-to-use WordPress CMS and its creator-friendly tools for content creation at scale. In short, when you’re not blocked by technical complexities or a steep learning curve, you can get more content published, faster.

“We can sit someone down in front of WordPress who’s never used it before and say, ‘You don’t need training, just get up and running, dive in!’”

—Luke Sikkema, Newsroom Product Editor, The Times

Quick and responsive support

Our customers rely on the WordPress VIP team’s rapid and on-point support. Whether it’s advice on the best plugin to use, how to maximize application performance, or the surest way to launch a site faster, WordPress VIP makes sure that customers exceed their business goals.

“They’re always there, really responsive, really on it with the latest plugins to use, the quickest way to get stuff live.”

—Adam Griffiths, Vice President in Technology, RS Group

A final word

Our customers’ experiences highlight the collaborative approach, reliable solutions, and user-friendly interface that make WordPress VIP stand out. To hear more from our customers, check out our video above.

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