A Foray into Headless Gutenberg

BigWP NYC presentation: How Lede makes Gutenberg work block by block for subscription-driven media organizations in a decoupled environment.

The Gutenberg block editor has been a paradigm shift for both WordPress users and developers, facilitating content creation. 

But what are the challenges of mixing Gutenberg into a decoupled, multisite CMS environment? And are the benefits really worth the backend development effort? 

As part of its “creative and hacky” solutions toolkit, publishing platform Lede relies on WordPress VIP,  StaticHTML, GraphQL, and React technology. Plus the concept of “contracts”—clearly defined sets of rules by which independent systems can communicate with one another in decoupled architecture.

Hear how it’s all done from Lede VP of Engineering Owen Stowe as he dives into his Foray Into Headless Gutenberg presentation at BigWP NYC.

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